Auckland's Lifeline Utilities

Lifeline utilities provide infrastructure services to the community. These include water, wastewater, transport, energy and telecommunications.   The Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002 identifies the following types of entities as lifeline utilities:

  • Producers, suppliers or distributors of manufactured or natural gas (in a network or bottles larger than 20kg),
  • Electricity generators or network distributors,
  • Suppliers or distributors of water to inhabitants,
  • Providers of a wastewater or sewerage network or disposal of sewage or stormwater,
  • Telecommunications network providers,
  • Road network providers,
  • Producers, processors, or distributors of petroleum products to bulk and retail customers, and
  • Rail network or service providers.

Other specified entities based in Auckland include:

  • Ports of Auckland
  • Auckland Airport
  • Television New Zealand
  • Radio New Zealand

The duties of lifeline utilities are summarised in the: National Emergncy Management Agency