Our Relationship with Civil Defence

The ALG represents lifeline utilities in the Auckland Civil Defence Emergency Management Group. The following relationship between CDEM Groups and ALG has been endorsed by ALG and CEG.

  1. The ALG is an independent, voluntary group of lifeline utilities.
  2. The ALG coordinates lifelines utility input into CDEM activities and is a full member of CEG.
  3. CEG encourages all lifeline utilities to participate in ALG as the most effective mechanism for fulfilling CDEM Act obligations to participate in regional CDEM planning.
  4. The CDEMG separately appoints a Lifeline Utility Coordinator for coordinating utility response and recovery in the Group EOC. The ALG may help to facilitate planning and development of the ‘operational’ relationships, but the primary responsibility lies with the CDEM Group.
  5. The ALG continues to seek funding from utilities on a voluntary basis but monitors additional resource requirements imposed by taking on additional CDEM roles and seeks CDEM Group funding where appropriate.
  6. Prior to the establishment of CDEM budgets each year, CEG and ALG co-ordinate annual work programmes to ensure a collaborative approach on projects with joint funding and/or participation.

For information on Auckland Civil Defence Emergency Management, go to www.aucklandcivildefence.org.nz

For national CDEM information go to www.civildefence.govt.nz.