VISG Projects

VISG has initiated and coordinated a number of ALG projects on the impact of volcanic ash on lifelines infrastructure.  These include:

Posters for infrastructure managers responding to volcanic ash events (download in the document library).

  • Airports
  • Facilities Managers (Computer / Electronic Equipment)
  • Facilities Managers (Buildings)
  • Facilities Managers (Generators and HVAC)
  • Roads 
  • Power Transmision
  • Power Generation
  • Urban Cleanup
  • Wastewater
  • Water supply.


  • Health and Safety Impacts of Volcanic Ash
  • Volcanic Ash Impacts on Auckland's Water Supply
  • Volcanic Ash Impact of Ash on Electricity, Telecommunications, Broadcasting Networks.
  • Volcanic Ash Impacts of Lifelines and Collection/ Disposal Issues. 

 Follow this link to download reports and posters.