Critical Infrastructure Reports

The Auckland Engineering Lifelines Project report assesses the vulnerability of Auckland’s critical infrastructure to earthquake, volcano, tsunami and cyclone hazards. ‘Infrastructure Hotspots’ looked at areas where a number of critical infrastructure assets were co-located.

Please feel free to download any reports relating to these projects using the document library below:

31 Jan 2014AELP-2 Summary and Section 1: IntroductionThe Auckland Engineering Lifelines Project (AELP-2) aims to identify the critical infrastructure in the Auckland region, understand the impact of hazards on this infrastructure and identify actions that can be taken to reduce critical infrastructure vulnerability.
21 Dec 2017AELP-2 Section 2: Auckland's LifelinesThis section provides an overview of the lifeline utilities in the Auckland region, how they work and where the network vulnerabilities are.
31 Jan 2014AELP-2 Section 3: Auckland's HazardscapeThis section summarises the hazard information available for the AELP-2 report and how hazards were prioritised for assessment.
25 Jun 2018AELP-2 Section 4: VolcanoesThis section looks at the impact of volcanic hazards on Auckland's infrastructure. Note this section has been updated to reflect the updated material on volcanic hazard presented at the June 2018 ALG/VISG seminar. Updated volcanic ash posters have been included. At the June 27 2018 ALG meeting, any further work to be undertaken to update this report will be discussed.
31 Jan 2014AELP-2 Section 5: EarthquakesSection 5 covers the assessment of earthquake risk and impacts on infrastructure in Auckland.
29 Aug 2016AELP-2 Section 6: TsunamiCovers the assessment of earthquake risk and potential impacts on Auckland's infrastructure
31 Jan 2014AELP-2 Section 7: Severe WeatherThis section looks at Auckland's cyclone and storm hazards and potential impacts on infrastructure.
19 Mar 2014AELP-2 Section 8: Other HazardsAn assessment of infrastructure vulnerability to other hazards not assessed in earlier AELP 2 sections.
25 Feb 2015AELP-2 Section 9: Recommendations and MonitoringA collation of recommendations from AELP-2 workshop and other ALG projects. ALG will monitor progress against these annually.
31 Jan 2014AELP-2 Section 10: AttachmentsIncludes definition of critical asset criteria, report references and a damage assessment matrix for earthquake hazard.
22 Jun 2009AELG-20: Scoping for AELP-2This project reviewed options for the AELP-2 methodology including consideration of modelling tools for assessment of hazard impacts.
10 Nov 1999AELP-1: Sections 1-4This 5 year project has since been superseded by the AELP-2, but is still made available for historical reference.
10 Nov 1999AELP-1: Section 5This 5 year project has since been superseded by the AELP-2, but is still made available for historical reference.