Member Benefits

The ALG aims to provide the following member benefits:

  1. Access to best practice risk and asset management concepts and procedures for utility and transportation sector lifelines.
  2. Forums for regular contact and interaction with counterpart utility and transportation sector agencies for the exchange of information and views, leading to familiarity with the current regional status of mitigation and preparedness programmes and issues of common interest.
  3. Enhanced ability to identify interdependency issues with other Lifelines, leading to more robust business continuity plans.
  4. Access to workshops, exercises and other activities organised by the ALG.
  5. The co-ordinated development of information, concepts and procedures which would be expensive and less effective for utility organisations to develop individually.
  6. Co-ordination through liaison with Auckland CDEM for member organisations to participate in local and regional exercises to test their business continuity and organisational preparedness and interface with civil defence, the emergency services and other response agencies.
  7. Linkage with national lifelines and emergency management initiatives and mechanism to influence national policy.