Emergency Management Reports

ALG has undertaken a number of studies reviewing the effectiveness of emergency communication and coordination within the lifeline utility sector and between lifeline utilities and Civil Defence agencies. These studies have resulted in new arrangements and protocols for how these agencies communicate in an emergency. 

The following reports in the document library below provide more background to how the current arrangements were developed.

Current operational response and recovery plans relating to the lifelines sector in Auckland can be found in the Member's area.

1 Aug 2008Exercise RuaumokoA national exercise held in 2008, based on an Auckland volcanic eruption scenario. Communication processes were again a focus of the exercise, but the exercise also provided the scope to assess the relationship between local, regional and national coordination and communication lines. This report was jointly prepared by the AELG and National Lifelines Committee.
1 Jun 2007Exercise MarconiHeld in June 2007 to test the lifeline utility coordination (LUC) processes in the Group Emergency Operations Centre (GEOC) through escalating levels of emergency and to assess the lifeline utility interface with the GEOC. The exercise scenario was based on a major impact cyclone hitting Auckland. Download the Exercise Evaluation report here
1 Jun 2005Exercise JaffaLifeline utilities participated in Exercise Jaffa in 2005. The exercise highlighted the need for improved processes for coordination within the utility sector and between utilities and CDEM in an emergency. The Auckland CDEM Group subsequently engaged a Lifeline Utility Coordinator to support this coordination in the Group Emergency Operations Centre and developed Lifeline Utility Coordination Protocols.
29 Jun 2005Coordination of Public Communications - "AELG-8".The report reviewed current arrangements for coordination of public communications in an emergency and made a number of recommendations.
1 Jul 2004Inter-Utility Emergency Communication Systems "AELG-1"Completed in July 2004 which was the outcome of a study to design and/or recommend a preferred communications system and method for implementation to enable effective and efficient dialogue between utilities, contractors and the Emergency Operations Centre.
1 Apr 2002Lifelines Co-ordination - Response -"AELG-2"Completed in April 2002, with the objective to design and recommend a means of effective and efficient lifelines co-ordination in the event of an emergency.