ARC Hazard Reports

Please note that more recent hazard research reports may supersed the information in these reports.

4 Oct 2016TP050Tsunami hazard for the Auckland region 1994_de Lange W and Hull A
4 Oct 2016TP057ARC Earthquake hazards Auckland region March 1995_Hull A G
4 Oct 2016TP070Natural hazard management workshop '95 workshop summaries_Daly M May 1996
4 Oct 2016TP017TP071 Slope instability hazards in the Auckland region 1996
4 Oct 2016TP075TP075 Preliminary paleoseismic assessment of the Wairoa North fault 1996
4 Oct 2016TP076TP076 Meteorological hazrads in the Auckland region 1996
4 Oct 2016TP079Volcanic impact assessment for the Auckland volcanic field_ Johnston D M April 1997
4 Oct 2016TP083TP083 Multi-vent eruptions in the Auckland volcanic field_Smith I 1997
4 Oct 2016TP087Assess amplification earthquake shaking soft soils sth Auckland Aug 1997_Stephenson W
4 Oct 2016TP094ARC Assess amplification earthquake shaking soft soils cnt Auckland July 1998_Stephenson W
4 Oct 2016TR2010TR2010 064 Probabilistic Hazard Analysis and modelling of tsunami inundation for the Auckland region