Our Activities


The ALG undertakes projects which contribute to reducing the vulnerability of Auckland’s lifelines and improve disaster preparedness planning.

Projects which have been completed to date: (Project reports can be found in the documents library section of the website).

  • AELG-1: Inter-Utility Communications Systems (joint with Wellington Engineering Lifelines Group)
  • AELG-2: Lifelines Co-ordination (Response)
  • AELG-3: Infrastructure Hotspots
  • AELG-4: Exercise Marconi (joint with Auckland CDEM Group)
  • AELG-5: Priority Utility Sites for Recovery
  • AELG-5: Priority Emergency Routes - Auckland Region
  • AELG-6: Resources Available for Response and Recovery
  • AELG-7: Volcanic Ash Health and Safety Issues
  • AELG-8: Coordination of Public Communications (Lifeline Utilities)
  • AELG-9: Poster for airports managers responding to volcanic ash event
  • AELG-10: Business Continuity Management and Planning
  • AELG-11: Impact of Volcanic Ash on Auckland's Water Supplies and poster
  • AELG-12: Framework to Implement Lifeline Strategies
  • AELG-13: AELG Volcanic Ash Review (Impacts on Lifelines Services and Collection/Disposal Issues).
  • AELG-14: Poster for wastewater managers responding to volcanic ash event
  • AELG-15: Auckland Region Fuel Plan (funded by the Auckland CDEM Group)
  • AELG-17: Generator Review
  • AELG-18: Poster for road managers responding to volcanic ash event
  • AELG-19: Impact of Volcanic Ash on electricity, telecommunications and broadcasting (and poster)
  • AELG-20: Scoping phase for the Auckland Engineering Lifelines Project, Phase 2.
  • AELG-21: Auckland Region Electricity Outage Communications Plan

Other Activities and Goals

Bi-annual AELG Seminar
The AELG holds a bi-annual seminar for members and interested parties, at which members are encouraged to report on progress made within their organisations on mitigation activities, asset management and disaster preparedness planning.

Information on AELG projects and emergency management initiatives in NZ and internationally are regularly updated on this website. The ARC currently hosts the website. AELG members have access to a member’s area where additional information is held.

Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Representation
AELG is a member of CEG and an AELG representative (usually the AELG Chair) attends monthly CEG meetings and liaises with the Steering Committee where input into CEG activities is required.

Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Projects
AELG represents utilities where input is required to CDEMG projects.

Workshops for New Members
These can be held when requested to educate new members or other staff in existing member organisations on AELP/AELG work and information available for hazard mitigation planning.

The AELG sends out letters seeking membership and financial sponsors each year. Funding goals are set out in section 4.

Sector Group Planning
As described in section 1.5, sector task groups have been established for energy, telecommunications and transport, and links formed with an existing regional water sector group. The sector groups meet approximately six-monthly, convened by the AELG project manager.